Let’s face the ugly truth: you have a budget. Are you scraping by? Sure, that will keep you going for now, but if you want your Catholic media to be around 5 years from now, you need to be drawing in more money than you’re spending. Third Millennium Media can help with that.


Do you need a speaker for an event? Look no further. Third Millennium Media has you covered.


Audio Production

At Third Millennium Media, we can assist you with audio, whether for a live studio production, podcast, or album.


At Third Millennium Media, we can help you market your product to suit your target audience. Social media, word of mouth, ad placement, demographic analysis, we’ve got it all. Need a website? Doxology Studios, our web development division, has you covered.

Client Endorsements

Archangel Radio

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Jerry for a number of years. And when I became Station Manager for Archangel Radio in Mobile, AL, there was only one person – and one company – that I wanted to work with to help maximize my pledge drives. Jerry and the staff at Third Millennium Media have our spiritual and financial best interest at heart. I feel blessed to know that our mission is their mission: bringing as many souls to Christ and the Catholic Church as we can in our time here on Earth. Let’s hope and pray that they are around into the fourth millennium!”

David Renshaw
Station Manager

St. Gabriel Communications

“We were very pleased with your hosting performance. Your professionalism and spiritual depth established an atmosphere that could only result in success. We were certainly pleased with the financial response you helped ignite, but, more important, you conducted the entire event with grace and dignity. The gentle manner you displayed when meeting, interviewing and engaging our local speakers endeared you to our listening audience. Our pledge drives wouldn’t be so successful if it were not for your expertise! Thanks for sharing your gifts with Catholic radio!”

Martha Hawthorne
Producer & Outside Promotions Manager

Immaculate Heart Radio

“Immaculate Heart Radio has known Jerry Usher since 1997 when he helped launch our first station, and has used his many talents repeatedly during that time. As an on-air host, he is the one of best talents you can hire, because of his experience in doing over 200 pledge drives for a variety of clients. He is also one of the most recognizable names in Catholic radio due to his long tenure hosting Catholic Answers Live and other EWTN Radio programs. Here at Immaculate Heart Radio we jokingly say, ‘When you hire Jerry Usher, he is good for an additional 20% in pledges,’ but that statement is not far from our reality. In fact, Jerry holds the record here at IHR for the largest pledge total ever raised in a one hour time period. Jerry is a person of the highest integrity and an individual who can be counted upon for a maximum 100% professional effort at all times during a pledge drive. We consider Jerry a trusted friend, advisor and ally of this apostolate.”

Dick Jenkins
General Manager

Real Presence Radio

“We have been doing local radio pledge drives with TMM for 5 years. For the two years prior we did our drives on our own with local talent. We were sold when after our first drive with Jerry Usher we raised twice the amount we had ever raised before. Our drives have only continued to grow so that we are now raising six times what we raised 5 years ago and bringing in 3 hosts from TMM. Jerry and his team are our L ive Drive team- they are the masters of the radio pledge drive.”

Steve Splonskowski
Executive Director

Catholic Broadcasting Northwest

“Jerry and Sherri have been instrumental in helping us reach our goals with our on air fundraisers. Their friendliness and professionalism behind the microphone makes our job so much easier. They are a joy to work with. We couldn’t do it without them.”

Tony Galati
Executive Director

Holy Family Radio

“Third Millenium Media has been a great asset to our organization. The company’s founder and president, Jerry Usher, is an experienced, highly skilled and consummate professional who has been helping us execute successful fund drives for many years. I strongly recommend Third Millenium Media as a valuable resource to any organization that is looking to raise funds, create awareness, or experience growth.”

Jim Wright

Holy Family Radio

“Jerry Usher and his Third Millennium Media team are the perfect partners for a successful Catholic radio fund drive. They are all very skilled at making the case for Catholic radio, generating response from the listeners and doing both in a way that keeps the listeners engaged. They have the broadcasting and fundraising know how to make a significant difference in the outcome of a Catholic radio fund drive campaign. I have personally worked with them on and off the air and know first hand the many contributions they have made to the success of our fund drives.”

Rick Paolini
Business Manager